Everywhere we look, powerful women are having their moment in the spotlight from the big screens of Hollywood to the halls of the capital. The world of finance is no exception. To honor these powerful women, let’s take a closer look 4 of the top women in finance.

Abigail Johnson, CEO and Chairman of Fidelity
Working at the helm of Fidelity for the last several years, it is no surprise that Johnson tops several lists as one of the most powerful women in the financial world. What has made her stand out, however, is not only her power as the CEO of one of the largest investment firms in the country but also for her mission to bring more women into her company and the financial world. “We have a real need in our business right now to recruit more women,” she once told a journalist from Bloomberg Television. With a rise in women taking control of a large portion of wealth, it is easy to see how Johnson’s vision of the future will eventually come to pass.

Mary Callahan Erdoes, CEO, Asset and Wealth Management at JPMorgan Chase

With the integration of her “red teaming” exercise within JPMorgan Chase, Erdoes has been making waves in the way that people in every level of finance works with startups. The training allows employees of JPMorgan Chase to put themselves in the shoes of start-ups trying to gain a foothold in their intended markets. Her mission to give her employees a better understanding on how they can help their customers has moved Erdoes to the forefront of finance, last year posting record unit revenue and net income as client assets hit $2.8 trillion.

Margaret Keane, President and CEO, Synchrony Financial

In the two years since Synchrony Financial became an independent company, Keane has been the guiding hand behind it all. If being the CEO of a new financial institution wasn’t stressful enough, Keane showed her compassion and composer under pressure when Hurricane Maria left hundreds of her employees without homes, basic necessities, or branches to return to for work. Keane not only ensured that these employees would continue to receive pay during the aftermath of the storm, but she also gave grants and even created Amazon wish lists for donations to ensure that her employees received the care they needed.

Adena Friedman, President-CEO of NASDAQ

As the head of one of the most powerful stock exchanges in the world, Friedman was an obvious choice for this list of female power players. With over 20 years of experience in the financial world, Friedman has made significant contributions to the way NASDAQ strategizes. Since taking over the role of President-CEO in 2017, Friedman has focused on the technology and corporate businesses that drive two-thirds of the NASDAQ’s revenue. This focus has helped drive the company’s efficiency, product development, growth, and expansion.

Photos: Abigail Johnson, Mary Callahan Erdoes, and Margaret Keane courtesy of American Banker

Photo: Adena Friedman, NAZDAQ website [https://business.nasdaq.com/discover/nasdaq-leadership/adena-friedman/index.html]

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