The holiday season is a time of giving as much as receiving. In addition to the hectic Christmas shopping, there is also an increase of charitable donation and volunteering that happens between Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, you may not realize the significant changes that this time and money can make in the global and local community. It’s more than just a tax incentive or a way to build a resume.

It creates a change in your community and in your life.

Here is a glimpse at the significance of giving back.

It Improves Your Community

The obvious side effect of giving back is the fact that it helps improve the quality of life in your community. More opportunities for the poor to make it out of poverty or to seek healthcare or be appropriately fed means that your community will be healthier and happier.

From a financial standpoint, this can also increase the value of your community. It’s not a secret that people want to live in higher-end communities. They don’t want to see people suffering on the street. By investing time in your community, you are building up your community’s value to attract the people who will add to that community.

Explore New Skills

Ever want to work in marketing, but you were afraid to leave your sales job? Or maybe IT or entertainment? The beauty of volunteering is that you can explore these skills and new ones as you are helping others. If you find that you enjoy working with that skillset then you know it’s time to take the next step. If you dread doing it, don’t worry. You can volunteer in another area or on a different project without worrying about a job’s obligation.

It Helps Everyone

Most importantly, volunteering or donating impacts everyone. Taking your family to serve at a soup kitchen can teach your children to appreciate what you have. Giving a few dollars to a family in need can help them buy a nice Christmas dinner or buy new clothes for their kids to stay warm. Community gardens, even, can help educate a community on growing their food while also feeding those who don’t have any. So, help someone in need or donate your old clothes rather than selling them online. You may find it to be more rewarding than you think.
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