While grocery prices are rising, it seems like there are dozens of ways to help save money at check out from apps to websites. Every day it seems like a brand has created its own, new app to help engage customers from coupons on Target’s Cart Wheel to ordering coffee on a Starbucks app. Websites are built for browsing coupon ads typically in the Sunday paper.

With so many ways to save, it’s a wonder that anybody can figure out which will help the most. We have decided to look at four apps and websites to help save time and money.

Your “Go-To”
Everyone has their “go-to” store whether it’s their favorite grocery store or a big chain like Target or Walmart that sells a little bit of everything. Before you make another trip to that store, find out if it has a reward or coupon app. Not only does this help save money, but many times these apps will have deals you can’t find anywhere else, and you no longer must find all those clipped coupons when you reach check out.

Krazy Coupon Lady
This app helps with the problem of that wad of coupons in your pocket. Krazy Coupon Lady collects the coupon ads from your favorite stores into one convenient place. Plus, it is one of the highest rated coupon apps on the Google store.

Honey is not an app for your phone, but it can help when you’re online shopping. The internet add-on can automatically pull up coupons and specials for your favorite online stores as you go to your check out. This system is linked to hundreds of companies and can save money when it comes time for holiday shopping.

Now, Groupon is not going to help when it comes to everyday groceries, but it can help with bigger purchases and experiences. You can buy a discounted vacation abroad or a night at the local bowling alley with your family. If you are looking to save in every area of your life, this is a website that you should be using.

These are just a few ways to save money when you are at check out, but there are a vast number of other great alternatives. So, don’t be afraid to check out your app store and try different products to see what is right for your lifestyle.

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